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What are your Antique Maps worth?

Find the value of antique maps, charts, globes and atlases
Abraham Ortelius circa 1579

Oldmaps.com is the only price guide devoted to helping you find the value of antique and old maps, charts, atlases and globes


The Antique Map Price Record (AMPR) is equivalent to receiving hundreds of catalogs from dealers and auction houses around the world. Save yourself time and money, and benefit from the powerful search engine! We update the database as new catalogs and auction results are published. You will always have access to the latest map value information at the Antique Map Price Record!

Our comprehensive database has over 230,000 antique map price records collected from dealer and auction catalogs for nearly 30 years.

All records are now available to everyone! Simply register your email address and you're good to search.

Find the value of antique and old maps with the Antique Map Price Record

"Quickly and easily search our extensive database featuring over 215,000 antique map value and pricing data from thousands of dealer and auction catalogs covering the last 42 years."


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